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Doruk Catering, 2010 Yılında Mısır'da şube açmıştır. Mısır Şubesi şu anda 3500 - 4000 kişi / öğün yemek üretmektedir.   Türk ve Mısır mutfağının leziz yemeklerini, Mısır'lı müşterileriyle buluşturan Doruk Catering EGYPT çalışmalarını kendini yenileyerek ve geliştirerek sürdürmektedir.

Doruk Catering'in insan sağlığına verdiği değerin doğal bir sonucu olarak, kalitesi kanıtlanmış gıda maddesi üreticilerinin ürünleri ile yemek yapmakta, yemeklerin üretildiği, taşındığı ve servisinin yapıldığı ortamların, techizatların hijyeni için de tanınmış markaların hijyen ürünlerini tercih etmektedir.


Who are we?

Doruk Catering is established in 2004 year in Çorlu the industrial and commercial center of the Turkish Trakya region. With permit production of 2500 meals a day. And have got the İnternational Quality Certifikate in food safety, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005. Also the Meet of condititons of production certifikate from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Turkey number G59 - 0647 - G - 4001.

We have started our production by about 60 meals a day. Now more than 20 companies prefer the taste and quality of Doruk Catering production. The production reached to about 2000 meals a day and we continue teh business without compromising the quality taht began with first day.

In 2010 Doruk Catering decided to invest in Egypt, founded the kitchen area of 400 square meters. In New Borg Elarab according to the latest technical and health standards for meals production with a capacity of 3500 4000 meals a day.

Our goal is having compromise between teh Egyptian and Turkish Cuisine in one place and serving the best and most delicious dishes with teh most appropriate amount of calories for our clients according to the best conditions regarding hygiene and public health constructions.

We take into consideration our clients satisfaction as a first target considering tehm Co-Partner, also we value our clients point of viewvs (Pro & Contra) seriously and take all actions to step forward.


Quality is prossesing the ability to react for our clients desires.

Thus  we are always taking your side.

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